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  • Capabilities

    Mobotec is a global leader in providing a range of solutions to meet emissions reduction and combustion optimization challenges faced by a wide range of energy intensive industries. With over 25 years' experience in developing and delivering a suite of integrated technologies using our patented ROFAROTAMIX and SORBMIX technologies at the heart of our offering, we are able to guarantee flexible and cost effective environmental compliance.

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  • Experience

    The global power and manufacturing industries are facing increasing challenges to ensure they conform to stricter environmental compliance regulations. Mobotec has the experience in delivering a wide variety of geographies, industries, boiler configurations and fuel types.

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Combustion Optimization and Emission Reduction Specialists

Mobotec is a global leader in providing innovative solutions for multi-pollutant reduction and combustion optimization challenges.

Operating for over 25 years', Mobotec has a wide range of solutions that provide clients with high performance at the lowest achievable cost. Our proven and patented technologies are at the heart of our offering, delivering flexible, cost-effective and  modularized solutions for NOx, CO, SO2, SO3, HCl, Hg and CO2 reduction.

ROFA (Rotating Opposed Fire Air)

Range of over fire air solutions delivering simultaneous and high reductions in NOx and CO


High pressure air injection SNCR solutions for both urea and ammonia injection 

SORBMIX (Lance-less Sorbent Injection)

Lance-less injection solutions for optimal sorbent reduction up to 40% compared to lances

We approach each project individually, optimizing, engineering and implementing tailored solutions that meet the exact requirements of our clients. From maximizing performance of the existing equipment on site, to precision flow and chemical combustion modeling using in-house CFD Modeling capabilities, we design, engineer and deliver optimized solutions that meet our clients technical and financial needs.

Based out of offices across Europe and North America, we have delivered nearly 100 projects across the world, with experience in utility and industrial boilers across a wide range of industries, geographies and fuels. With changing environmental targets driving stricter targets, Mobotec's modularized patented technologies provide plant operators with future-proofed solutions that can support clients meet their emissions targets in the short, medium and long term.